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Managing debt doesn't have to be a juggling act.

New Homepage

The Problem:

mr. cooper is working with Xome and needed a co-branded website to feature their data and products. The page they were working with wasn't demonstrative of as much capability as mr. cooper would have liked and they wanted this page to more closely match their design standards. 

The Solution:

I looked at their web content and style guide to get a feel for what the page should look like, then presented some ideas in a modular fashion to stakeholders to add functionality that I worked back into the design of the page.

My Role:

UX designer (Individual Project)


inVision (Prototype), Sketch (Wireframes and Visual Design), Pen and Paper (Storyboarding)

Mr Cooper Homepage Copy 2.png

Current Site


Header proposals


Hero proposals


Content module proposals


Iterations and final result

We started with the layout from "Upward Blue Loans" as a template, however as we progressed we wanted to incorporate more of the "mr. cooper" brand feeling into the design. This lead to less photographs of people, and a more lighthearted feeling.

Initial design

Mr Cooper Homepage Copy.png

Implimented design

Mr Cooper Homepage Copy 5.png
Mr Cooper Homepage Copy 2.png

What did I learn?

When redesigning this homepage, there were a lot of contributors and 2 large companies to keep happy. This leads to a social dynamic of "who has something helpful and important to say?" Rather than opening up the discussion of the design elements specifically, presenting design options from several idealistic angles allowed them to more clearly voice an opinion on the problem rather than unclear ideas toward a solution. Creating a controlled choice situation allowed them to have the control they needed to make a good decision without pretending to be designers themselves.