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Xome Contact Form

The Problem:

This project was built as a testing platform for potential clients. After careful consideration and a thorough collaboration between our team and our sales team.

The Solution:

This project was built as a testing platform for potential clients. After careful consideration and a thorough collaboration between our team and our sales team.

My Role:

UX designer (Individual Project)


Sketch, Invision, UserTesting.com


Value Proposition

Due to the increase in leads generated by Xome inquiries, the design needed to be changed to increase the valid leads while decreasing the invalid leads. The form needed to be redesigned to add a stronger filter for invalid leads.

Initial Wireframe / Workflow

Xome needed to know if the customer currently working with an agent, if Xome is able to provide assistance in the pre-qualification process, and what property is the user interested in. 

Screen Shot 2018-08-20 at 3.59.38 PM

User Testing

With defined high fidelity wireframes created based on feedback though the testing of lower fidelity wireframes,
a clickable prototype was then created to further test and gain more accurate feedback.

Screen Shot 2018-08-20 at 2.29.10 PM.png

Goal & Methodology

Goal: To make it easy and intuitive for users to communicate intention through an easy to use the form without making it too difficult to make the request.

Methodology: The usability test consisted of 10 users and a set of tasks written out to be followed by the user. The process is recorded and answers are written as well as spoken to the camera.


1. Many participants expressed a need for a more intuitive navigation bar. 


2. Header misleading; seemed like they would be provided agent information or would start a chat with an agent.


3. No timeline on when users would be contacted by the agent. This was frustrating to people in a hurry.


Navigation was one of the issues that needed to be addressed. During the test, it was apparent that the issue was that the user was unaware of the ability to navigate backward through the steps. To help with this we decided to replace the numbers with icons, and also add a rollover action to reinforce the idea of clickability. 

Screen Shot 2018-08-20 at 1.36.48 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-08-20 at 1.36.05 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-08-20 at 1.42.34 PM.png
Part 4 - signed in  Copy 4.png


Our final form had only 4 questions, however, could change to gather much more data than just the 4 questions to help Xome more easily prioritize and pass on leads automatically before addressing them allowing more serious buyers to be addressed and sent to agents with priority over less qualified buyers.

LDP 1 Workflow _2x

What did I learn?

I was honored to be involved in the product design of Xome Retail  - white label cloud-based platform and Xome Auction (190M+ revenue) for web and shopping apps 1M+ download/mo, 1M+ monthly visits for iPhone and Android. We designed a brand-centric mobile platform. Mobile First, then it expanded to other forms of interactive media.

I learned that "designing by committee" rarely works, but more valuable than that I learned that my gut feeling is not always correct... "I am normal" is a fallacy that always needs to be kept in mind if a team is going to produce a truly exceptional product.