Bank of America

'Life's better when we're connected'


BOA Real Estate Dashboard

The Problem:

We had been working with Xome's sales department and realized that mocking up the full site for each potential client would become unreasonable fairly quickly. Clients wanted to see what they would be paying for, but for live demonstrations, it was difficult to sell them on a competitor branded site.

The Solution:

"Upward Blue Loans" allowed Xome to create just a few branded mockups for potential clients while still giving them full access to an unbranded working site. 

My Role:

UX designer (Individual Project)


inVision (Prototype), Sketch (Wireframes and Visual Design), Pen and Paper (Storyboarding)


Bank of America Enrollment Process

What did I learn?


Working with Bank of America was very intimidating, but also very interesting. We do a lot of work with them but this was my first project done alone with them. Learning to manage expectations, gather requirements, and deliver a product that could be feasibly built in a short window was a great challenge but one that pushed me to spend much time overthinking my solutions.

I learned that I can tackle any problem I put my mind to. I just need to remain persistent but counter-intuitively willing to give up a pet idea. Working on something for several weeks doesn't make it inherently valuable. I need to be aware of the "sunk cost fallacy" when designing, just because I spent weeks on an idea doesn't make it valuable. Starting over is nearly always a good idea, I can only do better next time.