About Me

My name is Morgan Blair, and I am a multi-discipline designer who thrives when presented with the challenge of a puzzle that hasn't been solved yet. There is more crossover between disciplines than people consider.  Only through clear communication, and genuine interest in other skills and disciplines will a business thrive. I am a firm believer that form follows function, however I don’t believe this means that   designs cannot be elegant or beautiful due to physical constraints.


— Justin Smith, VP of support operations

Morgan joined Xome as a fresh out of college eager professional with college degree level technical background and training. He was self-aware of needing to rapidly learn to support enterprise level support teams on the fly to execute within a startup. He rose to the occasion and has become a valued and trusted contributor. He has taken the reigns of support technologies, rapidly became administrator trained and hands on to execute providing value add supporting the technology so the front line team can execute to support customers. He’s learned and administrates dialer technology to provide 15,000 plus calls per week and CRM technology supporting tickets and emails of 10,000 plus per week in addition to enterprise level chat service on an enterprise level site. 

Available at any time to address the technology and support process needs of a 24x7 support team, he has effectively addressed critical service level issues with work around, dogged escalation and flat out drive to ensure we don’t drop any customer. He understands and supports critical change on the fly without multiple reminders. He follows through such that he is viewed by others outside the unit as well as inside as the “go to guy” to get action. I am happy to work with Morgan and find his continual learner mindset to be a strong valued addition to keeping theever evolving technology needs moving forward.