3d / VR Work

My passion projects, lots of work and lots of payoff.


Donny's Doppler Diner (VR)

The Problem:

My college capstone, working with a limited budget of under $400 in 2015 could we develop a full body Virtual Reality system that would allow us to exaggerate gestures and provide that to those who may have limited mobility.

The Solution:

With my team of 4, we were able to put together a system using the "Leap", the "Kinect", "Unity 3d" and the "Oculus DK1" to create a short game. In this game, we demonstrated the ability to capture the body's movement, full hand/finger movement, and translate that all in real time in relation to the other inputs. The movement could be exaggerated for those who could not lift their arms past a certain height, or close their hands completely. It also allowed us to stabilize swift and jerky movements and still complete virtual tasks.


My Role:

3d modeling (most assets), coding (character behaviors, scripted events). Texturing (most assets), Prop construction (3d printed parts, other custom equipment)


3ds max (models),  Photoshop (textures), Unity 3d (game engine), After Effects (in game videos), Notepad++ (code for unity), Kinekt (body capture), Leap Motion (hand capture), Oculus (visual representation), Pen and Paper (Storyboarding / Character Design)

Set Goals and Timeline


1 Hour Timed Sculpts


Misc. Projects

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